Triple Play Investigations

Collecting mitigating information and creating a successful defense against fraud and malingering is not always easy. Case studies and anecdotal client communication indicate that our Triple Play process ensures that every stone has been turned over, researched and summarized for the claims examiner. Below is an overview of our three-step process.

SmartStart Investigation
Capital conducts an all encompassing online investigation to include social media research as well as researching all personal identifiers through our proprietary checklist protocol. The final report includes a summary with highlights, plan of action and easy to use identifiable headers. This report often provides 25 plus pages of paper profile filled with mitigating information to allow for optimal claims handling and negotiations.

Medical Check Investigation
An undisclosed injury may have occurred away from work. The only way to determine that a subject has not suffered an unrelated injury is to do a thorough canvass of medical facilities near the subject’s home or work.
This investigation targets:
• Pre-existing injuries
• Intervening injuries
• Delayed reporting
• Material misrepresentations

Our final step is surveillance. Obtaining video of your subject is one of the most important steps in determining if the claimant is in fact injured or acting outside the noted medical restrictions. Capital’s surveillance product has been proven to provide over 350% return on investment. Please click here to view some of the feedback we have received from our clients.