Database Research

Capinvad Investigating sets the industry standard with database research, providing intense nationwide database searches and providing our clients with the best mitigating information to help speed the decision-making process.  Our background and database department is experienced, talented and yields a detailed investigative report that is arguably the most cost-effective search in the industry.

A properly conducted background investigation in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act can provide our clients with unique and costs effective information to be used in the defense of a questionable claim, gathering information and establishing background information of a witness are amongst some of the many uses.

Background Investigations may include any of the following a la carte components:

  • SmartStart Investigation
  • Medical Checks
  • Person Locate
  • Criminal Records
  • Asset Analysis & Identification
  • Pre-Employment Investigations
  • Complete Motor Vehicle Reporting
  • Subject Profiling
  • Past Employment
  • Individual Hobbies & Activities
  • Professional Licenses
  • Business Interests
  • Judgments, Loans & Liens